Grenada is the perfect environment for living, raising a family, doing business, or investing. As the strongest economy within the regional community of the Organization of the Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) it offers many viable investment opportunities in tourism, real estate, agriculture, and other economic sectors. This is further bolstered by the luxury of direct flights to and from the United Kingdom and the United States, modern digital communication, and a safe, clean, picturesque island.

Known as the “Isle of Spice” or “Pure Grenada”, the island has a rich history of fine cocoa and nutmeg production along with many other tropical fruits, spices, and plants. Grenadians are amongst the friendliest of Caribbean people and the island still maintains a strong and proud cultural heritage. 

Statistically Grenada has a significantly lower crime rate than other islands making it one of the safest Caribbean destinations to visit or live in. With its lush rainforests, splendid scenery and tranquil beaches, this beautiful island has become a preferred option for discerning clients looking for a valued citizenship that allows world travel flexibility and a safe haven for investments. 

Grenada re-introduced its Citizenship by Investment program in 2016 and has developed a premiere, credible and reputable program that protects the value of Grenadian citizenship worldwide.

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