Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

+ - Does the Grenada CBI Program accept applications from all countries?

As of now, the CBI do not accept applications from the following places;

  1. Iran
  2. North Korea

Applications are accepted from all other countries unless otherwise advised.

+ - If a client has been denied a visa for a country where Grenadian citizens have visa-free travel access, will this affect their CBI application?

In this circumstance, the client will not be eligible to apply to the CBI Program until they have been granted a visa from that country. A visa denial from a country where Grenadian citizens do not have visa-free access, will not affect the applicant’s eligibility.

+ - Are there any requirements for a child dependent to be enrolled as a full-time student?

There are no requirements for any applicant to be enrolled in any educational institution.

+ - Am I required to visit Grenada to apply for the Citizenship by Investment program?

No, there is no need to visit Grenada to apply for the CBI program, the entire application process can be done remotely.

+ - Do I have to renounce my citizenship to become a Grenadian?

No, there are no restrictions in Grenada for dual citizenship.

+ - Who can be included in an application as dependents?
  • Dependent Children under 30 years old
  • Dependent Parents
  • Dependent Grandparents
  • Unmarried siblings over 18 years old without children
+ - Can a newborn be added after citizenship is granted?

Yes, a newborn child can be added within 12months after approval is granted.

+ - Are the Local Agent, application, processing, and due diligence fees non-refundable once an application has been submitted?

Yes, these fees are non-refundable once an application is submitted.

+ - Are minors required to provide an HIV test?

Minors under the age of 12 are not required to provide an HIV test, provided that their biological mother has included a negative HIV test in the application package.

+ - What is required where a minor does not hold a national identification document?

In the case where IDs are not provided, an affidavit explaining the situation is required.

+ - Can property purchased to qualify as an applicant under the CBI program be sold to qualify a subsequent applicant for the same program?

The government has made a decision to permit citizens who have obtained CBI with an investment in real estate after May 2019, to sell that property/unit as a qualifying investment to the new CBI applicants after holding that property / unit for a period of five years.

+ - Can an applicant switch investment between NTF and real estate?

Yes. However, the change is subject to a government administration fee of USD 20,000 before approval, and USD 50,000 after approval (but prior to the issuance of citizenship documents).

+ - For how long is a Grenadian passport valid?

Grenada citizens will obtain a CARICOM passport valid for a period of five years which can be renewed.

+ - Is the Grenada passport biometric?


+ - When are the Oath of Allegiance Forms required to be submitted?

Oath of Allegiance forms should be executed and submitted after receiving notice of approval from the CBI Office and it should be sworn and signed before a Commissioner of Oaths or Notary Public authorized to do so in the country where the client undertakes the Oath.

Minimum Investment of USD 150,000

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