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Grenada Investments Partners Inc. (GIP) is an approved licensed Local Agent under the Grenada Citizenship by Investment program (CBI). The company is licensed according to the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Act No.15 of 2013 (as amended) to operate Local and Escrow Agent Services.

GIP specializes in investment, immigration services, post citizenship services, corporate and international business services by providing an expert service to clients wishing to obtain Grenadian citizenship and to invest or do business in Grenada. We offer a totally confidential, safe, and expedient client service including effective facilitation of fund transfers, strict auditing, reporting and Escrow protocols along with the highest standards of professionalism and efficiency.  

Our capacity to facilitate strong business relationships in Grenada is an important asset of our experienced international business, finance, and legal team. We believe the combined skills and knowledge of our compact, professional team; extensive real estate, Citizenship by Investment experience, legal and global business knowledge, puts us in the optimal position to offer clients an efficient, totally confidential, and focused CBI operation, providing the best choice for your Citizenship by Investment application.

Our company has affiliations and partners with other Citizenship by Investment programs within the Caribbean region.

Meet the Team

Our dedicated professional team provides an efficient and expert service putting our clients’ needs first, in helping them achieve their goals. Our team has diverse corporate and legal backgrounds with experience in international business operations and extensive knowledge of the Grenada CBI program and its legislation.

We have excellent communication skills, a keen eye and knowledge of CBI compliance along with in-depth knowledge of international immigration legislation. We proactively keep up to date with industry information to ensure the optimal effectiveness and efficiency of our service.

We work with our clients throughout the entire process. We are a business built around our customers’ needs and staffed by passionate people who are highly committed, reliable, collaborative and capable. Working closely and with integrity is very important to us and our customers. This has enabled us to enjoy a high rate of success in approval of applications submitted on behalf of our clients.

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